Printed sheet metal

A good appearance is very important for packaging. High-quality printing provides an opportunity to emphasize this.
In addition to printing on aerosol containers, Metaprint also provides printing services for other metal packaging manufacturers.


  • Printing technology

    We use traditional offset technology for printing, which gives a high-quality optical result.


  • Printing process

    The printing process starts from preparation, which is based on the design material received from the customer. Printing preparation as a key process ensures a high-quality final result.

    The full-digital computer-to-plate (CTP) preparation process used at Metaprint enables the customer’s design material to be processed without any loss of quality.

    The combination of CTP technology and multi-coloured offset UV or Conventional printing technology guarantees a final result that corresponds to the customer’s expectations.


  • Quality

    During the printing process, the colorimetric values of the product is routinely checked. Experienced printing specialists also evaluate the result visually.