Aerosol containers

Aerosol packaging is a type of packaging that is quickly gaining popularity. It is convenient packaging that dispenses its contents to the consumer by a valve being opened. Thus, this type of packaging is used in very different spheres of life.

Building chemicals, cosmetics, foodstuffs, pesticides, cleaning agents, and many other products can all be packaged into aerosol containers with equal ease.

The advantages of three-piece steel aerosol containers are:

  • an excellent ability to protect the product;
  • attractive appearance, which is accentuated by a high-quality print;
  • environmental friendliness – containers are made of 100% recyclable material;
  • high pressure tolerance, which makes it uniquely suitable for many different products that cannot be placed in any other packaging.

… And naturally, it is very easy for the customer to use.


  • Various sizes

    Metaprint’s selection of products includes aerosol containers in various heights and diameters. We produce necked-in aerosol containers in diameters of 52, 57 and 65 mm and volumes from 140 to 1,000 ml; and straight-line aerosol containers in diameter of 65 mm and volumes from 405 – 1000 ml.

  • Other additional possibilities

    According to the customer’s wishes, we can:

    • add a tactile danger warning mark for hazardous products in compliance with the standard EN ISO 11683 Packaging — Tactile warnings of danger — Requirements;
    • coat the welded seam and inside surface of the container so that aggressive substances can be put into the container or that the hygiene requirements for foodstuffs can be ensured .


    • Pressure tolerance

      We supply aerosol containers with different pressure tolerances, depending on the filled product: for necked-in containers the pressure tolerance is 15 or 18 bar, for straight-line containers the pressure tolerance is 15 bar.

    • Conformity with international standards

      Aerosol containers are standardized. Standardization guarantees the product’s safety, as well as compatibility with the valves and plastic corks of various suppliers. The aerosol containers produced by Metaprint conform to the following international standards:

      • EVS-EN 15007:2017 Metal aerosol containers – Tinplate containers – Dimensions of two and three-piece cans.
      • EVS-EN ISO 90-3:2002 Light gauge metal containers – Definitions and determination of dimensions and capacities – Part 3: Aerosol cans.
      • EVS-EN 14847:2006 Aerosol containers – Tinplate containers – Dimensions of the 25,4 mm aperture.


      • Containers with printing

        By adding high-quality printing, the packaging can be made more distinct and attractive. Metaprint has the capability to print most complicated designs. Naturally, our product range also includes containers without printing that are intended for labelling.

      • Environmental friendliness

        This is environmentally friendly packaging – the recycling percentage of packaging is the highest for metal containers. The aerosol can itself is 100% recyclable.